An expression of classic sophistication, inspired by contemporary femininity.

Established in Milan in 2013, winner of Who Is On Next emerging designer competition and featured in the Vogue Talents selection, Esme Vie is infused with the individuality, sensuality and sophistication of the modern woman.

Since its launch, the brand has achieved worldwide recognition with a series of intricately designed and beautifully finished collections that combine minimalist silhouettes with eye-catching detail, and sophisticated contemporary design with the innate elegance of classic Italian craftsmanship.


A beautiful piece of clothing is about more than just design.

From the moment the designer’s pen touches paper, to the final stitch of a finished garment, everything we do is infused with a dedication to elegance, quality, and couture craftsmanship.

Each piece is finely crafted with exquisite attention to cut, fit and form, using materials sourced from renowned mills and studios that share our commitment to artisan workmanship and fine finishing: natural silks that glide effortlessly across the skin; delicately woven, soft wools forming elegant lines; or the striking detail and embellishments that infuse a collection with individuality and imagination.


Esme Vie’s vision of contemporary elegance stems directly from Creative Director Julia Voitenko’s own passion and aesthetic.

From an early age, Julia was fascinated by couture fashion, craftsmanship and design. Over the years she honed her talents and on finishing school she won a place at Moscow’s prestigious University of Design and Technology. Her unique vision and style were immediately recognised, and after completing her studies, she was invited to Italy, where she launched her first shoe and accessory brand.

The brand established itself across the globe, and in 2013, Julia launched her second endeavour, Esme Vie: a finely crafted celebration of timeless elegance and striking design.