A shimmer of gold threads through a black silk dress, a subtle eye-catching accent on a classic couture cut; the delicate softness of a mink trim lies against the sleek silhouette of a woollen coat; metallic silk flowers cascade across the body in an expression of futuristic femininity. An intricate autumnal garden brought to life in fine fabrics and innovative metallic details.

The Winter Garden collection is a contemporary take on classic couture elegance defined by sleek silhouettes in a soft palette of black, white, grey and whisper pink, and eye-catching architectural detail. Esme Vie’s signature hand-made flowers have been reimagined as metallic brooches: striking, petal designs crowning a shoulder or sweeping across the skirt of a full-length gown. Intricate patterns of pearls adorn evening gowns in a modern ombre effect, while Thermavolume cut-outs create dramatic contrast within the simple lines of an elegant gown.

The result is a collection that is feminine and individual — elegant, yet playful; beautifully crafted, yet easy to wear.